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We specialise in Split Level houses and build anywhere from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. While there are lots of options available for choosing and building your home in the way you like and  prefer; one of the very intelligent and different kind of styles which is a beautiful balance between space utilisation and privacy is the split level house.


If you have a sloping block your best option might be for a split level design. The unique characteristic of this type of house is as its name implies, your levels are split. Your main entrance might lead to a middle level. Your design might include a short set of stairs going both upwards and downwards. Most of the times the stairs going upwards lead to the master bedroom and the downward one leads to the garage. Hence, there are many benefits to this kind of arrangement, let’s check them out.

Compact Layout

The master bed is located in a separate space, usually with your upper floor along with the dining and living rooms, one or more bathrooms and the quintessential kitchen. The bottom floor usually has your laundry, garage, guest bedroom, and family room. For families with children, your family room can become the playroom where kids can play safe while others can remain away from the noise. 

Optimised Space

The most unique and intelligent aspect of split level house plans is the amount of space. By splitting the levels into multiple ones you can have a layered effect. Because of this, the same amount of space can be doubled and put to better use. This space adding method is particularly good for families with children as they get a space to play. The both top and bottom levels almost have equal amount of space. You can use variations of this type of house and it can have two levels, depending on your needs. Whatever the design, it makes full use of the space and works great for growing families.

Peace and Privacy

Typically, the master bedroom is located on the top floor, which is located away from the noise and traffic of other rooms, providing for a bit more privacy and a peaceful space. The kitchen, living room and guest rooms are all at a different level. Having a window with a wide view to the outside is a plus. Custom Styled Homes has the experience to help you design a peaceful and private living space. 

Added Affordability

When building your new home on a budget, this a split-level house can provides just the right combination of design and functionality. Multiple levels can provide more space while not adding to the overall cost. The layout is well arranged and is more affordable compared to other designs. Money can be saved by opting for this layout and any savings can then be used for other expenses. When councils impose maximum finished floor levels your traditional double-storey home might not fit on the block you own. Consequently you need creative design and practical building knowledge to achieve your desired results. A great split level home can only be achieved by an experienced builder, like Custom Styled Homes. 

Easy Upkeep and High Adaptability

Upkeep of a split home is easier because of its simple and straight forward design. Maintenance and cleaning shouldn’t take much effort because of the easy transitions between spaces.

Another benefit of split level homes is its ability to be adaptable. Adding an extra room, deck or patio, making interconnecting passages or applying a new design concept can be incorporated relatively easily. The result is that you can achieve an adaptable home that is easier to maintain. 

Why Choose a Split Level Home?

Sometimes with a sloping block a split level home is your best option. The benefits of split level houses are amazing. Creative space is the biggest plus-point and is also great for families with children. Getting the most out of any home for our clients is what we enjoy. Split level homes built by Custom Styled Homes are highly adaptable, affordable, spacious and easy to maintain.

To discuss a split-level home design, call Custom Styled Homes, your home builder on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane on (07) 5546 7400.