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We often get asked this question. Do you provide a fixed price for your building contracts and does your building contract include full details of all inclusions?

Our answer is YES. Custom Styled Homes will provide you with a fixed price and the building contract will include full details of all inclusions.

It may seem that when you visit a project builder, all they want is your signature on a contract. Well at least that was how Maureen and Arnold Samootin felt. When they came to see us, they had already signed a contract with a project builder and walked away, leaving their deposit behind. After signing a contract, Maureen and Arnold thought their home layout and all of the fixtures and fittings they required were included. However, they were hit with additional costs, with each additional meeting, leaving them way over budget.

Home Building Industry

This is not the first time we have heard this happen in the home building industry. Custom Styled Homes have set out to achieve something different. Our goal is that you enjoy the tactile process of putting your home together. To do this, we listen to your needs, we source quotes and package it all together for you before you sign anything. Our team consists of hard working professionals and by training our team in ethical business practices, we are able to deliver a better customer service to you.

Your Ideas

Most clients come to us with a theme or focus for their new home. Some people focus on the home deco with lots of home hacks they have found online. Clients may state they want elegant homes, modern homes or amazing homes. We find that all these words mean something different to each person and therefore, our planning phase is customised. We do not offer one home for everyone or only two types of tiles to choose between.

Too Many Options

On the other end of the scale, our clients have expressed they come to us drowning in options and don’t know where to begin. We can start here by asking a few questions and offer a standard design. Once you like the ideas offered, we will customise the design to your individual needs one step at a time. This takes the confusion away from the home building process.  You can focus on the spaces you use the most and areas that will promote your lifestyle and future.

Your Style

The style for your new home may include marble feature walls, hanging chandeliers, indoor pool, kitchen that would make any chef green with envy, garage for your boat, race car, tools or a celebrity style robe where all your shoes and handbags are on display. It doesn’t matter what your style is. Our designers will create a detailed and comprehensive inclusions list with a fixed price and all before you sign any contracts to proceed.

Why We Stand Out?

Before you sign any contracts, Custom Styled Homes will offer you a fixed price building contract, without any variables. All of your inclusions are clearly noted (which you have asked for), and costed before it is presented to you. Your requests are shown on your plans, resulting in all your home details being easy to read and understand.

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