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In this article we have collated some design tips to help you build the best Granny Flat home.

Spacious Living Areas

Having glass sliding doors as an entrance may offer a spacious feeling. By allowing outdoor elements to accent your indoor entertaining space adds a powerful impact. Glass sliding doors are not only easy to use, but also can give a cost effective visual draw card. In a Granny Flat the balcony often leads into the kitchen. One upside of having glass doors is natural light which can save money on lighting and also helps the space look sleek and spacious. A kitchen island bench or breakfast bar allows dual purpose. You can cook, prepare food, entertain and dine. The cabinet space below the island bench could include built-in pot drawers or cabinets.

Smart Storage

You really want to get as much storage into the granny flat home in clever and innovative ways. The main goal here is to utilise any space available. As it is commonly a small or limited space to maximise your bang for your buck you really need to be smart. Some options may include the space under your beds, built-in shaving cabinet in bathrooms, shelving over a toilet, built-in wall alcoves in your shower to name a few. The space beneath your side tables or benches are a great way to hide clutter.
Other possible options include using corners and book shelving along wall surfaces in a way that it doesn’t restrict movement. A few multi-level small shelves (like bed-side tables) come in handy also. These may show off style pieces and make your house a warm and welcoming home.

Use of colours

By choosing to paint your walls soft or light colours is often an effective trick to perceive it as a larger space.  With a few throw cushions in bold colours, and a unique designer throw rug you can create a warm and cozy space.

Connect the old home to the new

Your connecting pathway between your granny flat home and your main home can be created with simple stepping stones. You can have an adjoining outdoor entertaining area, or even a completely separate and private entrance to the Granny Flat home. The aim of the entrance is to always offer a welcoming impact on visitors. You can make your granny flat home suit you and your family’s preferences and needs. Hence most Granny Flats offer a small porch or entertaining area which is a very important retreat to compliment any smaller internal living quarters.

Accessibility is easily incorporated

If your Granny Flat home is purposely built to accommodate elderly family, adding a concrete ramp instead of stairs will assist accessibility. Everything can be made available within ‘a hands reach’ so to speak. Your Granny Flat home may have its laundry space made to your height requirements. This eliminates injuries and the need to bend down or strain when lifting heavy washing baskets. There can be grab rails added into your Granny Flat Home’s bathroom. Wide wheel chair accessible doorways or a cavity sliding door can also be incorporated.

There are endless opportunities to adjust your Granny Flat homes’ features to suit any occupant including the elderly. Adding a disabled toilet may assist older folk to live in a more comfortable way in a Granny flat. The design can make sure they can move around easily and have the most advantageous features for their needs. Custom Styled Homes will carefully design your Granny Flat home to ensure maximum comfort and smart design after evaluating your requirements.

Unlock your equity

Granny flats are your greatest opportunity to unlock equity in your existing home. At Custom Styled Homes, you can have your beautiful and effective extension of your home in the form of a Granny flat, Pool House, Guest Retreat, as a separate residence can serve you in many ways.

When you are ready to discuss your Granny Flat needs, simply call Custom Styled Homes and we will make an appointment with you, at your home where we can discuss all your possible options. We build Granny flats in anywhere from Brisbane to the Gold Coast.