Have a question about Custom Styled Homes design or building process? Here are some frequently asked questions from current and past clients that may help answer all of your questions about our custom home designs, building process and more.

I’ve had my home plans drawn up by an architect, but I can’t afford the build. Can Custom Styled Homes help?

Yes, absolutely. Our in-house custom home designers can take the architects plans and refine them back into something you can afford. We will work with you to maintain all of the aspects you love about the plan, while transforming it in to a home design better suited to your budget.

Do I have to tell you my budget?

You don’t have to, but we would recommend strongly that you do. Knowing your budget means we can design the perfect home to fit within it. We have no hidden fees, and we won’t take advantage. Our goal is always on delivering a home design and build that clients can afford without compromising on quality or Best Building Practices. Knowing your precise budget, helps us to achieve the best results possible for you and your home.

Can you help me design my swimming pool?

Yes. During the design stage of your home, we can custom design your swimming pool as well, we can even design the layout for your landscaping too. Simply let us know what aspects of your home you would like designed for you, from swimming pool plans to furniture layout, we can assist with all of it and more.

How long will my home build take?

At Custom Styled Homes, we can make the design and build of your home as quick a process as you’d like. During your initial consultation with Custom Styled Homes, simply let us know what timeframe you are wanting to achieve and we will endeavour to reach it for you. Our goal is always to meet your needs, not our own, and that includes timeframe.

What is your warranty on your home builds?

On all of our Gold Coast home builds we offer a 12-month maintenance warranty, as well as a six-year structural warranty. We want each and every one of our clients to love their home and endeavour to deliver a build of exceptional quality. So, if you’re not satisfied with something, we will come back and fix it. We won’t stop until you are 100% happy with every aspect of your home design and build.