Demolish & Rebuild

If you are considering a knock down rebuild on your Gold Coast property, then Custom Styled Homes has the perfect demolish and rebuild system for you.
Our Builder and Director Brad Wimpenny has years of hands-on experience, working with clients to successfully demolish their existing property’s home in order to rebuild their dream home in its place. Should you love your location, but feel your existing home leaves much to be desired, then a demolish and rebuild is the perfect solution. It will let you keep everything that you love about your current property’s location, all with a brand new custom home design that you and your family will adore for many years to come.

During your initial consultation with us, we can meet you on-site at your Gold Coast property in order for us to get a precise understanding of your parameters and space. From there, we will draft a custom home design to suit your preferences, requests, style choices and lot boundaries perfectly. Better yet, until you are completely satisfied with the plan Custom Styled Homes has designed for you, we won’t make you sign a contract. We will continue to work with you until we get your custom home design perfect.

At Custom Styled Homes, we understand what a big life milestone a demolish and rebuild can be.

We take into account your needs and will continue to work with you in-person until you are comfortable and completely happy about your design. We are always 100% honest and transparent about our building process and costs, which means no later hidden fees, no unexpected deviations and absolutely no stress.
Our streamlined home design and building process has been refined through 25+ years of experience, and designed with our client in-mind. At Custom Styled Homes, we focus on the customer first, which means delivering you a home you will love, not just a house you feel satisfied with.

If you don’t want to give up your perfect Gold Coast location, but feel your home has become dated and aged, give us a call to discuss our demolish and rebuild service. A consultation with us won’t cost you anything, and it may just be the solution you’ve been looking for to achieve that dream home you’ve always wanted.
Contact us today to discuss a Demolish and Rebuild of your Gold Coast property.