Sloping Block Homes – Brisbane & Gold Coast Home Builders

If you have a unique sloping block you have come to the right place. Here, at Custom Styled Homes we are split level home design specialists which are ideal for sloping blocks!

From Gold Coast cliffs, to Brisbane inner-city narrow blocks we can design you the home that will fit in all of your needs. The best thing about split level design homes is that they can be designed to enhance your block to its potential. In addition to creating a city or ocean view, a split level home might also give you an additional living area. You might want to use the additional space as storage, or create a retreat for a much desired hobby. 

As a result when you start with a difficult block, don’t let your dreams be disenchanted because another builder knocked you back. Call Custom Styled Homes and we can revive the dream for your special location.

The Design Technique

Split level designs are a custom process. A split level home is always uniquely designed to suit your land. 

We use cutting edge design techniques to get the most out of your position. When you contact us we meet you onsite, discuss your individual needs and create a stunning custom design to suit your block. Check out some of the Split Level Homes we have designed in the past.

The Build Technique

A home that has a split level design comes with unique set of challenges. The first might be the footings design. We have engineers that are experienced in block wall retaining, pole homes, conventional slabs and all types of combined footing construction methods.

Using our cementitious waterproofing, and thorough construction triple check methodology it puts Custom Styled Homes in place as an industry leader. Using the solutions focused attitude to create many beautiful homes on sloping blocks we are confident you will only receive great results.

In conclusion, when you own a block of land that is unique, Custom Styled Homes is a great choice  to build your dream home anywhere from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. Contact our experienced team today.

At Custom Styled Homes, we aim to deliver you a HOME, not just a house.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and our knowledge and expertise mean we have the skills required to design and build your perfect Brisbane or Gold Coast home.

Due current building project commitments, we are looking at a 9-12 month delay in starting any new projects.

If you would like to contact us to express an interest in having us build your home in the future, please send us a message so we can put you on our waiting list (please know we won’t contact you until we are ready to begin building new projects).

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