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Custom Styled Homes has been in the home building industry since 1992, and has the experience and expertise to design and build your single storey or low set home. Our highly-skilled in-house designers can help you avoid the big expense of an architect and design a unique and custom single storey home just for you, letting you spend more on the build, materials and fixtures of your beautiful home rather than its design.

Our Builder and Director, Brad Wimpenny, can meet you on-site at your  property in order to visualise the exact parameters and space for your build. We place all of your build and style request and lifestyle needs – from views and colours right through to floor plan and material choices – at the foremost of our process to ensure that your luxury home is designed and built with you in mind, and that the result will be the perfect luxury home for you, your family and your location.


At Custom Styled Homes, we ensure that your single storey home is designed and built to perfection.


Custom Styled Homes extremely detailed design plans are perfect for single storey homes, as they ensure all strategically placed electrical plans, plumbing fixtures, ducted air-conditioning locations, window schedule, swimming pool design, landscaping layout and more are all precisely laid out and clearly marked. All of this guarantees that your luxury fittings and materials will be built to perfection and with an immaculate attention to detail and quality.

We always invite our clients to take a walkthrough of any of our current construction zones, so that you can see first-hand our process and the quality of our builds. We offer an honest and completely transparent design and build service. Each member of our team will be friendly and available to you to discuss every aspect of your luxury homes build throughout each stage of its design and construction.

Contact Custom Styled Homes today to discuss your single storey home design and build.

Single Storey Home Designs

Kylie - Single Storey Home

Kylie Single Storey Home by Custom Styled Homes - Gold Coast & Brisbane Home Builders

Claire - Single Storey Home

Claire Single Storey Home by Custom Styled Homes - Gold Coast & Brisbane Home Builders

At Custom Styled Homes, we aim to deliver you a HOME, not just a house.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and our knowledge and expertise mean we have the skills required to design and build your perfect Brisbane or Gold Coast home.

Due current building project commitments, we are looking at a 9-12 month delay in starting any new projects.

If you would like to contact us to express an interest in having us build your home in the future, please send us a message so we can put you on our waiting list (please know we won’t contact you until we are ready to begin building new projects).

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