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Building on the Gold Coast is very different from building in other areas of Queensland. The type of look, the aesthetics and even they type of clients are quite unique and different to most other places. In a location that is thriving with development, the Gold Coast is not just a holiday hot spot but a destination for tens of thousands of people who relocate there every year.

Custom Styled Homes is a successful builder on the Gold Coast because of many reasons. Firstly, we only promise what we can deliver. If you want a multi level home, with custom cabinetry and granite features throughout and you want it built in sixty days, we will tell you straight, it is not going to happen. Our clients love us for our honesty.  We will give you a more realistic timeline which allows us to build the quality dream home you desire.

As a unique builder, we meet you onsite on your land at the Gold Coast. We then invite you into our office where our design and proposal is presented. As a result you feel included throughout the entire journey with photos of updates along the way.

A Gold Coast home can be many things. We build family homes in Parkwood, waterfront homes in Hope Island and unique homes in the Gold Coast hinterland.  We have built homes in the well sought after area of Calypso Bay which is governed by residential covenants. As a result there is a lot of diversity in the outcome of each individual project.

If there is one thing that is common when we build on the Gold Coast; it is the great people we meet along the way. We have many great homes you can see and past clients you can talk to.

Step inside your own world of home building; with us there to guide you, every step of the way.

Call Custom Styled Homes to set up your meeting. You too can can achieve a quality built home on the Gold Coast.

As custom Home Builders in the Gold Coast, we have come to realise – quality is key!