Building Process

Buiding Process - Gold Coast - Skilled in-house designers

In order to make your build as streamlined as possible, throughout our 25+ years of experience we have refined our system into a process that removes all of the stress out of creating your next home.

The Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation with Custom Styled Homes can be done in-office, or our Gold Coast Builder and Director, Brad Wimpenny, can happily meet you on-site at your property in order to get a precise understanding of your location and build requirements. We will discuss your exact parameters, recommended suggestions based-on our years of experience and chat about everything from timeframe, style choice and location through to budget, design, build and more. We will be honest, straight-forward, friendly and completely transparent about what you can expect from us and our building process.
From there, Custom Styled Homes and our team of skilled in-house designers will work with you to create a custom home design that will suit these discussed specifications precisely.

The Design

Our team of highly-skilled in-house custom home designers will work with your specifications, from lot size to style preferences and everything in-between, in order to present you with a home plan that you will love, but more importantly that you can afford. We remove the need for a high costing architect and deliver you a design that fits perfectly within your budget. Plus, even if you have had an architect draft your plans only to realise you can’t afford the build, we can refine that design and turn it into a custom home design that you can afford. Our design plans are extensively detailed, and will include everything from electrical placement to plumbing layouts. Everything is clear and drawn out.

The Cost

Unlike any other building company, Custom Styled Homes is completely honest and upfront about our costs. We have no hidden fees. The itemised costing breakdown that we present you is the exact cost you can expect. So, when we say we can create a custom home design within your budget, we really mean it. Plus, until you are absolutely satisfied with your design and the cost, we won’t make you sign a contract. We get all of the paperwork done to your exact preferences, and then you sign.
Once you are 100% happy with your design and the cost – and we will continue to work with you until you are – then we can begin planning your construction.

The Build

Our Construction Manager, Chris Helsby, has over 10+ years of experience working with our customers. With a practical trades background, Chris will be your on-site manager and direct point of contact, overseeing every stage of your home build to ensure every last detail is done to-quality and on-plan. What this means for you, is that you have someone on-hand to back you up and remove all of the frustration, confusion and anxiety out of your build. Our expertise and skill means we can manage each and every aspect of your build with confidence and excellence.

At Custom Styled Homes, our focus is always on delivering you a home, not just a house. To discuss a custom home design for your Gold Coast property Contact Us today.