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If you are looking to build a new home in Brisbane, have you considered Custom Styled Homes? Here are 7 reasons why you should.

1. We follow a set process to build your new home

With over 25 years of home building experience,  Custom Styled Homes has the practical systems in place to make the process of building a new home in Brisbane, a smooth and trouble-free experience. With any major project, there can be unforeseen delays. Common issues in the construction industry can include weather or natural occurrences, lack of communication and unreliable suppliers or trades people. Custom Styled Homes has implemented policies and systems to pre-empt and quickly solve any challenges that arise during the building process. Our projects are executed with precision by Industry professionals and we oversee every aspect of the building process in detail. If you are looking for a company that builds quality homes in Brisbane, then you should contact Custom Styled Homes to discuss their tried and true building process.

2. Our team are the Best

At Custom Styled Homes, we have a team of professionals that not only have the technical skills but are also backed by formal education. Our employment checks are thorough and strict. This ensures that the team working on your home is the best building team available in Brisbane. With University educations, multiple trade and technical qualifications and real life experience, you will find our team personable and intelligent.

At Custom Styled homes we focus on training to keep our team educated in cutting edge technology. To you, this means that the team working for you is both capable of achieving greatness and are able to think independently, which in turn gives you the best home built by the best builder in Brisbane.

3. Partners that you can Trust

We have a great team, but expanding on this we have great supporting partners as well. Custom Styled Homes uses suppliers and trades people that we have worked with for decades (in most cases). Our suppliers and partners are professional businesses that use quality building materials and products that are backed by warranties.

When you build with the best builder in Brisbane you get service, quality and you ALSO get quality products and warranties. Our partners are hand selected, and agree that to be the best, they all must go the extra mile. Our partners agree with our vision to persevere until the best of quality is achieved.

4. Our business is built on repeat clients and referrals

Did you know that more than 50 percent of our clients that we build for are repeat clients or referrals? Most businesses are lucky to have 5% of their past clients return. The homes we build and the process that we use result in the majority of clients coming away with not only a positive experience but an experience better than what they could have imagined. Read our testimonials.

5. Our prices are extremely competitive

Because we are a competitive team of individuals we want to not only win on style, options, service and quality; we also want to offer you the best value your money can buy. With our systems of quality control, we also have systems to ensure you get the best value for money.

We do not buy into the game of trying to flog off the cheapest products on the market, but we do make sure that our quality services and products are supplied to you at the most competitive rates available. This subsequently means after your home is built, the investment you have made is valued for more money than what you have spent. A great result is when property valuers instantly recognise that the property was built by Custom Styled Homes because of the quality of workmanship and quality inclusions.

6. We communicate with you

From your initial inquiry through to your final handover, we believe that communication is the key to building a good relationship with you. We therefore give you regular updates and support an open communication channel between yourselves and us.

Our design phase is a process that commonly includes communication every week. Once you have you have a fixed price building contract, our building updates are delivered by your site contact at every major stage.

You are offered walk through opportunities with trades such as electrical contractors to show you where each major electrical fitting will be placed. This is one of the major differences that Custom Styled Homes offers and it sets us apart from normal home builders. We give you the home you dreamed of, even if that dream is still evolving. The process ensures that you receive all of your changes in writing and can physically see and approve any recommendations that will help and enhance your living situation even after the project has started.

7. We build for you – big or small

As small as a cabin, cottage or Granny Flat home, if you are in Brisbane, we will build it for you. If you have the means and want an elaborate establishment that is complex and enormous in size- we will build it for you, as well.

We will include all of your finishings; your clothes line, letterbox, landscaping etc. If you are looking at ways save money and want to get into your home as quickly as possible, we can show you how much you can save by doing these yourself. As a custom home builder we can even build your swimming pool under our scope of works.

What are you waiting for? Why not reach out and contact us if you want the best home builder in Brisbane –  Custom Styled Homes.