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You may be wondering, how can bathroom design go wrong? Well, it can go wrong in many ways. The bathroom is a place to relax, get cleaned up and revitalise yourself.  Good bathroom design can certainly contribute to a good user experience. Here are some points to keep in mind.

1. Zero Ventilation

Bathroom ventilation is absolutely essential. The moisture, hot air and odours need to get out and fresh air needs to come in. Condensation and moisture which doesn’t get aired off is a prime place for mould, germs and insects. Mould can decrease resale value, looks terrible, and often creates a negative impact. Arrange for ventilation, preferably with a window, that lets in natural light and airflow. If a window isn’t an option, create a ventilation in the ceiling or the top side of a wall. As well as windows, exhaust fans are usually a good idea for your bathroom especially for larger spaces.

2. Poor Lighting

Poor lighting is one of the common design flaws in a bathroom. While all of us would love to have natural light in their bathroom, it may not always be possible. In that case artificial lighting should be incorporated into the mirrors, cabinets and overhead. Bathroom always requires a good amount of light. This can’t be emphasised enough.

3. No Outer View

A window is always preferred, if possible. Having a view which is a balance between privacy and a peek to see the outside world is something very much sought after. A window with an outside view can be selected and the window can be 70% frosted from bottom to provide privacy, while allowing light to enter and the remaining 30% can be clear glass on top, which will allow a view of the outside world. If windows are not an option, installing an operable skylight can be a good alternative.

4. Not choosing the right materials

The market is full of materials and objects that are specifically made for bathrooms. The type of steam, heat, odour and water splash that is made by bathrooms needs specialised materials to withstand and support use for a long period of time. Fibre Cement sheeting, waterproofing membranes and good silicone sealants are some essential materials used in these areas.

5. Toilet Focused Bathroom

It is understandable that the toilet is a very important part of the bathroom, but it is not the only part and should not be the focal feature. A toilet should not be the first thing to see when entering a bathroom. There is a basin, shower space, cabinets, vanity and other parts of the bathroom that can be placed carefully to avoid this problem. If someone forgets to close the bathroom door, someone who’s in the adjacent room, sitting on a couch should not have to see a toilet when staring towards the bathroom. It’s even a better idea to have separate spaces for the toilet and the rest of the bathroom. This strategy is useful for hygiene purposes as well as being multi-use. To recap, these are some of the major design flaws of bathrooms and should be considered when designing your new bathroom For your bathroom design layout you can call us today on (07) 5546 7400. Read more about Custom Styled Homes, builder of quality new homes in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.